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Get Started with the Voice Elements Demo!

To download a 30-day trial of the Voice Elements Developer license, please click here.

This is the same software you will use once you decide to purchase the Developer and Server licenses.

Create Your Demo Account

To begin, you will need to fill out a quick and easy form in order for the license information to be sent to you.

Demo Sign In Screen

Verify Your Email Address

Screenshot - Demo Verify Email

Find the email verification we sent to you and click the link.  A browser window will open and confirm your email was verified.

Demo Email Verified

Log In To Your Account

Click Login Now!

Enter your log in credentials and click Validate.

Screenshot DemoAccountVerification

Your Demo Dashboard

Demo Dashboard Screenshot

//Once you have completed the form, you should receive an email within one minute with detailed instructions on how to get started.

//The email contains:

  • Your License Key that you will need during installation.
  • Your Username and Password that you will need to connect to the Telephony Bank of resources. This Username and Password also gives you access to the Inventive Labs customer licensing portal in order for you to purchase Voice Elements Developer/Server licenses or the Telephony Bank’s hosting services.
  • Your Access code to the Telephony Bank so that you can test an inbound call (important!).


Run executable


Agree to License Terms and Conditions

Check the “I agree” box and click Install.

You will see the progress of files being installed.  When the installation is complete, you will receive this confirmation screen:

Click the green Run box as indicated by the arrow.

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