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Protocol Information For GlobalCall

When using Global Call, it is necessary to specify the protocol you wilkl be using in your configuration file.


For T1-CAS you specify the name of the cdp file that defines the configuration of your T1-CAS. The standard US template for T1-CAS is pdk_us_mf_io.cdp.

When specifying the protocol, just specify the root portion of the filename. IE “pdk_us_mf_io”

It is advisable to make a copy of the pdk file before you make chages to the file for your specific T1-CAS configuration.


For Springware boards the protocol is “ISDN”

For DM3 boards the protocol is “DM3”

For SIP the protocol is “SIP”


For Analog specify the appropriate cdp file similar to the T1, however in this case the standard US file is: pdk_na_an_io

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