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Use an Interactive Debugger with CTI32

Interactive debugging of a telephony application should be limited to one or two concurrent calls. Any more and the system would have multiple threads “breaking” on the same lines of code overwhelming the developer in no time.

You can easily debug your DLL by using the following:

  • Compile your DLL
  • Start the CTI32 Service
  • Use the “Attach To Process…” feature of your debugger.
    • Select the CTI32Svc.exe process from the list and click “Attach”.
    • You may need to check the box “Show Processes from all users.”
  • Set your breakpoints.
  • Place a call.

At this point the system will break on your selected lines of code and allow you to step through them.


It may be necessary for you to uncheck or deselect the “Enable Just My Code (Managed Only)” option in the Tools/Options/Debugging node of VisualStudio.

In some cases you may wish to select Project Properties->Debug-> Enable Unmanaged Code Debugging

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