All of our support engineers are experienced .NET developers that use Voice Elements on a daily basis. We answer questions as soon as we are able, and often get responses back in minutes.

Documentation is always a work in progress, and while we try to cover as much information as possible, we realize the our customers often use our software in ways we haven’t imagined, or they just don’t know enough yet about our software to find the answers they need. Don’t be shy about contacting us. The best way to contact us is by e-mail

If you prefer to speak to us by phone, you can call us on our toll free number: 1-866-923-5290

Where is your documentation?

We try to cover the basics in the documentation area of our website. However, there are a few other websites that have excellent information:

Our Support Wiki is the best resource for technical support in regards to using Voice Elements as a premise based solution. In addition, it covers other advanced topics.

Our Developer Documentation Page contains excellent, in-depth information about using our API. Every method and property is covered.

How much does support cost?

Support is included with our cloud-based service.

Support costs 20% of the published price of our licensing fees. Please review this link for additional details.

What does support include?

Our support policy contains all of that information.