Our support engineers are experienced .NET developers who use Voice Elements daily. Have a question? You’ll get an answer ASAP, often in minutes.


Our support engineers are experienced .NET developers that use Voice Elements on a daily basis. We are here to support you and answer your questions, often within minutes. 

Documentation is a work in progress and we cover as much information as possible. But we also realize that our customers use software in ways we don’t always imagine. If you have a question or cannot find your answer within our available resources, then please contact us – support@inventivelabs.com or 1-866-923-5290

Where is your documentation?

We cover the basics in the documentation area of our website. However, the best way to get started is to create an account and download one of the many examples in the customer portal.

The tutorials about the download can be found in the docs area here.

How much does support cost?

Support is included with our cloud-based service.

Support costs 20% of the published price of our licensing fees. Please review this link for additional details.

What does support include?

Our support policy contains all of that information.

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